SmartBear’s “State of Code Review 2017”

SmartBear is releasing the latest results from its “The State of Code Review 2017: Trends & Insights into Dev Collaboration industry survey, which finds that interest in code review has nearly doubled since last year. Fifty-two percent of respondents reported code review as the number one solution for improving code quality. Other solutions included unit testing, continuous integration, functional testing, integration testing, and detailed requirements.

The report also found 75% respondents are doing over the shoulder code review, 57% are doing meeting-based code review, and 60% are doing tool-based code review.

“While code review continues to be the No.1 way to improve software quality, there are significant challenges to implementing this best practice such as heavy workloads, time constraints and lack of manpower. Selecting the right tools can make all the difference in code review and meeting whatever an organization’s key business drivers are – improving code quality, product safety and regulatory compliance,” said Ryan Lloyd, vice president of products, test and development at SmartBear.


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