HP debuts new Spectre x2 alongside updated high-end laptops

HP has taken the wraps off several newly upgraded laptops and hybrids at the Cannes Film Festival, and looks to be appealing to media creators and students with its latest offerings.

Firstly, the company introduced a new version of its tablet hybrid in the form of an upgraded Spectre x2, which now comes in just one model and takes much of its design cues from the high-end Spectre laptops.The Spectre x2 will go on sale in June for $999 (about £769) and comes with a screen very similar to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, featuring a 3000 x 2000 resolution touch display in a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Spectre x2

It’s also been upgraded with the ability to support up to Core i7 chips, and will pack 8GB of RAM along with a 360GB PCIe SSD and Intel Iris Plus 650 graphics.The upgraded processor shouldn’t impact battery life, either, with HP claiming the x2 will manage to last eight hours on a single charge.

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