Destiny 2 news: Beta details, gameplay reveal and PC release date drop

It’s been over a week since Bungie had their bid Destiny 2 gameplay reveal but big news is still being released by the studio.Destiny 2 Game Director, Luke Smith had this to say on the showcase: “Last Thursday was a blur. Amidst the fuzzy lines, a few moments crystallized and burned into memory.

“I’ll remember the tireless effort on the part of the crew who was there all week building out the hangar, Steph the stage manager helping us prep, the team running the teleprompters (which none of us had ever used before), and a ton of other folks who made that event go.

“I’ll remember the conversations with guests sharing their own stories of what Destiny meant to them, their friends, families, and communities. It’s another jolt of energy as we enter the final months of Destiny 2’s development.

“I’ll remember the moment I walked out on stage for the first time for the rest of my life. “And the text I received from my mother after it was over wondering if she should “get into these Destiny games when I retire.” She’s 61, and I hope to still be making them when she hangs up her scrubs.”

PC pre-order customers will still be given access to the Destiny 2 beta, which is also without a date.

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