Top 8 apps for Apple Watch

Choosing the best Apple Watch apps is the best way to bring your Apple Watch Series 2 or first-gen Apple Watch to life. Despite heavy hitters like Amazon and Google Maps recently pulling their Apple Watch apps, the ecosystem of apps compared to rival platforms, with more than 200,000 available to download, is awfully impressive.

With the new update, Apple watch apps run natively on the device itself. So which should you download first? So then let’s go through the choose the best apps to download!

Wearable’s eight essential apps

Best workout tracker: Strava

The best Apple Watch apps: 50 apps tried and tested

The giant of fitness apps has finally embraced the Apple Watch Series 2 to offer GPS tracked running and cycling. Why it’s taken so long, we’re not sure, but after testing the app out on the road, results are good: distances are nailed onto dedicated running watches and the experience was stable and reliable. Live pacing is not so strong and we found that aspect a little sluggish, and sadly there’s are no live Segments data, but for serious runners and cyclists, it’s the best on the App Store,

Best for football fans: Onefootball

So there you are in the world’s longest and most pointless business meeting, or an endless dinner with the in-laws, with no idea about the progress of your team’s valiant cup campaign. Onefootball enables you to track teams and have live scores sent to your wrist. Just don’t emit a huge cheer or cry of anguish after sneaking a crafty look at the display.

Best workout app: CARROT Fit

The best Apple Watch apps: 50 essential apps and games

The CARROT series puts a new spin on tired app categories, and this one’s all about the 7-minute workout. The malevolent CARROT AI puts you through your paces, doing ‘Celebrity Face Punches’ and ‘Dragon Mating Dances’. Start your workout and your Apple Watch can become a heads-up display, so you know what exercise you should be doing – or can pause things for a bit if your body’s about to break. Plus, if you’re a CARROT Weather user you get another weather complication! Yay for working around Apple’s complication rules!

Best Apple Watch notes app: Cheatsheet

The best Apple Watch apps: 50 essential apps and games

If you’re the kind of person forever forgetting important details – the office Wi-Fi password, a new phone number, your own name – Cheatsheet lets you make a tiny list of quick notes and shove them on your Apple Watch. Each item can have its own icon, making it easier to spot, and you can set items to appear on your watch face as a Complication.

Best Apple Watch wellbeing app: Streaks

This clean and simple habit-builder has come in for some criticism due to its limitations: you only get to define six habits, and must set them to happen on specific days of the week. But it’s effective to focus on a smaller number of tasks, and the Apple Watch app is great for marking them as done, and for keeping track via the app’s complication.

Best Apple Watch calculator: PCalc

It’s astonishing Apple omitted a calculator from Apple Watch (maybe Tim Cook hates Casio), but we’re dead chuffed PCalc exists to heroically come to our rescue. It has a smart interface, with operators and tip calculation just a button tap away (rather than placing these things behind a Force Touch wall). On watchOS 3, everything’s super-responsive, and you can use the Digital Crown to adjust tip amounts. (Generously, the free PCalc Lite also includes the Apple Watch app.)

Best Apple Watch productivity app: Just Press Record

On iPhone, Just Press Record is a very efficient app for making quick recordings: tap the record button, capture some audio, stop the recording, and your audio then syncs to the cloud. With watchOS 3, this all comes to your wrist, and you can record without your iPhone being around. The next time you connect, your recordings are transferred across. Also, more immediate access to the app can happen by way of its Watch Complication, a tap launching you straight into a recording.

And, brilliantly, the iPhone app now offers transcription. So you can talk to your wrist and later get a text file of what you said. It’s like living in the future.

Best Apple Watch game: Rules!

Rules! gives you a daily mini-game challenge, which is all about memorising rules and tapping relevant cards. Easy! Only it isn’t, because several rounds in, you’ll be juggling a bunch of rules in your head (“Tap ascending”; “Reds if you see green”; “No animals”), which must be dealt with in reverse order, all the while knowing that a single incorrect tap ends your game. With watchOS 3, the app’s far more responsive, boasts more levels, adds haptic feedback, and bundles the cutest complication you’re ever likely to see.

So after going through, we guess you’ll install the top 8 best apps for your Apple Watch to enhance your daily tasks!




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