Apple looks to be launching a Files app in iOS 11

The next operating system will be revealed at Apple’s developer conference tonight. The next version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system may contain a file management app that lets users sort or manage their documents.

Ahead of the Cupertino firm’s Worldwide Developer Conference tonight, a new app has been spotted on the app store. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted a placeholder for a ‘Files’ app when browsing the company’s downloads page.

The app page itself does not include many details about the potential new download. In a tweet, Troughton-Smith said the app’s details state it will only run on iOS 11. The placeholder also says the app has been designed for iPhone and iPad.

The evidence of a placeholder for the Files app comes ahead of the start of WWDC. Since Troughton-Smith posted the screenshot of the app, however, Apple has removed it from the UK and US app stores, fuelling the rumours further.

This evening, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and fellow executives will take to a stage at San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center to reveal the biggest announcements of the week-long conference.






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