eBay unveils fresh brand platform with a personal twist

E-commerce giant eBay has launched a fresh brand platform with a more personal touch, aimed at tackling customers’ yearning for individuality.

The initiative, dubbed “Fill Your Cart with Color”, marks the introduction of an enhanced and more customised eBay shopping experience, and includes a bright and reimagined homepage that is responsive to each user’s interests.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, shoppers will receive tailored recommendations across all categories with each new site visit, and an inventory mix that’s truly unique to them, offering them the opportunity to “shop vibrantly, break away from the ‘beige’ conformity of traditional commerce, and live colourfully”, according to the company.

Commenting on the thought-process behind the launch, eBay revealed that part of the inspiration for “Fill Your Cart with Color” had come from a recent study conducted by the company, which found that nine in 10 Americans (93%) want the things they buy to reflect the “real them”.

Karl Isaac, vice president of global brand at eBay added: “As consumers pursue their passions and reject conformity, both in commerce and culture, ‘Fill Your Cart With Color’ celebrates the things that truly make people unique, and connects to what people love about eBay, from new and unique items to personalized experiences.”

The new brand platform has kicked off with a new TV spot and will be followed by an approach that will span several channels, including TV, cinema, OOH, display and social.


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