JFrog leaps, wolfs down CloudMunch

After a $50m investment January 2016, Israel-based software delivery automation vendor JFrog is in acquisition mode – specifically, it’s eating some analytics brains.

JFrog is acquiring the $3.5m-backed CloudMunch, which offers collaboration and software delivery lifecycle analytics.

“The DevOps revolution started with automation, augmenting developer tasks,” said JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim. “That is not enough any more.”

JFrog already offers the ability to handle binaries – from GitHub, Kubernetes and (last but not least) its own product (codename Artifactory). JFrog made its first acquisition – a C and C++ package manager called Conan – in November 2016. Its second – a continuous integration and dev group called Dimon – was May 2017.

CloudMunch is based in the US and India. The company says the move to add its analytics will help JFrog reach its grand vision of a complete DevOps house.

“The CloudMunch solution bundled into the JFrog platform will not only be a key part of measuring the impact of the software release pipeline,” CloudMunch CEO Pradeep Prabhu said, “but will show the value of DevOps for our customers.”


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