Facebook’s “Find WiFi” Now Shows Hotspots For Every FB User On The Planet

Now, the Facebook app one has more ‘useful’ purpose in addition to telling people about your vacations and daily habits. It includes Facebook’s Find WiFi tool which lets users find wireless hotspots near their location.

Announced yesterday, the Find WiFi tool can be seen after tapping the More tab in the Facebook app for Android. The feature arrived on the Facebook iOS app last year, but it was limited to a few locations. It’s now available globally.

The tool can display a list of available networks along with the information about the provider in a list form or show it on a map. You can visit the Facebook page of the business hosting the network from the Find WiFi screen itself. Details about nearby WiFi networks will also appear as a notification. Tap the notification to open Find WiFi and view directions to the wireless hotspot.

Other than WiFi finder tool, Facebook already has a location-based tool which lets you find eateries, shopping centers and other things near your GPS location.

One important thing to consider is that the tool doesn’t show every possible network around but only the ones which have been shared with Facebook by the respective businesses.

Also, Facebook will now collect location history from your device if you use the tool. Some people might link it with privacy, but Google is already doing that for years. So, location tracking might not be an issue for the masses.

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